3 kids with left arm up showing off their bicep muscle

Types of lessons available:

  • Individual or private lessons
  • Small group lessons (2 - 5 students)
  • Large group lessons:  Could be a team, club, school class, homeschool or church group
  • Parent and professional development workshops 


  • Lessons are held on Zoom
  • Lessons are approximately 50 min long
  • Core Topics average from 5 - 6 lessons with some Specialty Topics being 6 - 9 lessons
  • Upon completion of a Mindset Conditioning topic the child will receive a certificate

The day before each lesson I'll send you via email:

  • Zoom link to the next scheduled lesson. You can open Zoom on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Summary of what will be covered in the lesson so you know what's coming
  • Workbook (that ranges from 4-19 pages) for your child to fill in answers and thoughts during the lesson - please print this out ahead of time
  • One page Wisdom Home Sheet for you to use with your child afterwards to continue the conversation and reinforce the concepts
  • Occasionally I'll request items for an activity or simple craft - I promise they will be easy "everyday" items around the house - and not mandatory, just nice if available


The price for lessons varies based on number of students in the lessons (private lessons have my undivided attention; small group lessons have some direct attention and large group lessons will have Q&A at the end) and the number of lessons given in each topic. 

Schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call with Katie

Use this calendar to schedule a discovery call to discuss your child's needs and answer questions about Mindset Conditioning lessons.