Mindset Conditioning lessons use storytelling, discussion, activities & parent involvement to teach life skills to inspire & empower children to think for themselves, make good decisions & go for their dreams.

Who aspires to be confident and happy?

We all want our children to be happy and to walk in the world with their head high - how do we help them get that?

Who aspires to think positively about themselves?

How amazing could you feel if daily your positive self talk built you up and improved your confidence?

Who aspires to learn how to handle fear, change or making a mistake?

Wouldn't it be great to know how to bust through your comfort zone, thrive through life's changes and let your mistakes go? 

Who aspires to better navigate emotions such as stress, anxiety, or failure?

Where could you be if you trained your brain to look for success and what is possible on the good and the bad days? 

Who aspires to learn how to set goals?

What could you accomplish if you had an attitude of gratitude, a clear vision, and an action plan to your dream? 

Learn specific skills for improved resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem during a transformational Mindset Conditioning lesson. Teach your mind how to make good decisions, overcome fear, manage change, diffuse peer pressure and become the leader of your own life!

Mindset Conditioning Lesson Information

  • Private, small group and large group [ex: teams, clubs, schools, homeschoolers or churches] lessons available as well as parent and professional development workshops.
  • Currently lessons are held on Zoom. Lessons are approximately 50 min long. Core Topics average from 5 - 6 lessons with some Specialty Topics being 6 - 9 lessons.
  • The price for lessons varies based on number of students in the lessons and the number of lessons given in each topic. 
  • Upon completion of a Mindset Conditioning topic the child will receive a certificate.

Core Topics: 5 topics assembled from 27 lessons from Adventures in Wisdom

MindPower: Understand the power of your mind and why you achieve what you believe

MindPower shows children how their minds shapes their world. Working in MindPower will demonstrate to them how the power of possibility can shift thoughts to develop a strong self-confidence and resilience so they can achieve their goals and live a life of their dreams.
  • Understanding belief systems
  • Creating possibilities
  • Understanding neural pathways
  • Using your brain's radar (RAS)
  • Powershifting for empowerment

InnerPower: How to think for yourself, make good decisions, and stand up to peer pressure / bullying

How do children take responsibility for their actions such as lying, sneaking, cheating, being irresponsible, bullying others or talking back? InnerPower teaches children the value of self-leadership along with responsibility, integrity, respect and self-respect. Making good decisions is a process that helps children stand up to peer pressure.
  • Self-responsibility
  • Living a life of integrity
  • Choosing respect
  • Creating self-respect
  • Making good decisions
  • Standing up to peer pressure

MePower: How to develop soaring self-esteem and powerful self-confidence

Children learn the power of a healthy self-esteem and strong self-confidence. During these lessons, the focus will be on learning more about themselves through different exercises to find ways to move past insecurities. With positive self-esteem your children feel good about themselves and trust themselves. Even when things aren't going their way, feeling good about themselves is a skill that they can develop. With positive self-confidence children believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals.
  • Creating soaring self-esteem
  • Honoring uniqueness
  • Creating self-confidence
  • Choosing self-talk
  • Self-coaching for daily mastery

DreamPower: Create your vision, achieve your goals, and manifest your dreams

Children learn that no one can make their dreams come true except for them. Through a three step process for creating a life of their dreams children create a vision for their lives so they live with intention versus drifting through life.  How impactful for children to learn how to use goal setting to take action on their vision, and learn how to use the Law of Attraction tools of visualization, affirmations, and gratitude to "program" their minds for success.
  • Creating your vision
  • Achieving goals
  • Understanding Law of Attraction
  • Using the power of visualization
  • Using affirmations
  • Gratitude

Slaying Dragons: Learn to bust through fear, mistakes, failure and thrive through change

By learning how to handle difficult situations that will come their way children will focus on managing mistakes, facing failure and change, and grasp how to handle fear.  These lessons will give children strategies to work through challenges as they apply how to shift their thinking to move through their fear and "go for it"! They learn to put failure "in a box" and see it as an opportunity to learn, not as a reflection of who they are.
  • Managing mistakes
  • Overcoming fear
  • Moving past failure
  • Managing change
  • Beating conditional thinking

Specialty Topics: Mix of various lessons to address specific areas

Feeling Like a Victim / Powerless: How to take charge of your life and circumstances

Whether or not children believe in themselves will shape who they are and what they create in their lives – do they go for it in life or do they sit on the sidelines? Feeling moody, grumpy, and having a bad attitude are a choice. Children need to believe in themselves and know they are in charge of their own destiny. It is a skill that they can develop!

Children can feel down and have thoughts such as "life's not fair". They can think that they need certain circumstances in order be happy!  We can teach them to create possibilities by having positive self-talk and gratitude. Their mind is a powerful tool - they just need to learn how to use it!

Experiencing Change: What powershifting can do with visualization

Children need to be able to handle change when it happens in their life. This could include parents separating / divorcing, a death of a loved one or moving to a new city.

By teaching them skills such as powershifting and visualization they learn to over come the fear and manage the change in their life. Change is scary but with a few techniques and a conscious effort to adjust their thinking, change is manageable and children can see the possibilities that can come from change.  

Building Resilience: Using affirmations and self talk to train your brain for success

Building resilience means helping children develop the skills to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down on themselves or giving up on themselves. Developing resilience is one of the most important mindset skills for children to learn because their ability to pick themselves up again when things don’t go their way will directly shape who they become and what they create in their lives.

The good news is that resilience can be taught. Children learn specific skills for managing mistakes, overcoming fear, moving past disappointment and failure, and handling change. The key to handling these challenges is learning to use power shifting skills, developing supportive belief systems, using positive self-talk, and practicing visualization. With these skills children learn how to get back up again after falling down so disappointments and failures don’t keep them from their dreams.

Custom Topic: What other issues need Mindset Conditioning

Address a specific topic by choosing various lessons to create a custom curriculum. The quiz below will help determine which lessons should be combined to target that issue. 

All topics are available as online (Zoom) private lessons. Schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call with Katie to set up your lesson dates / times. 

Client Promise: I promise to give you the tools needed to develop confidence, create happiness and success in your life!

Katie Holmes
Certified Wisdom Coach

I’m a wife, mother, amateur knitter and professional figure skating coach. For years I've taught resilience, confidence, respect, visualization & goal setting to skaters. I'm excited to now be teaching an extensive life skills program that focuses on these concepts and expands into peer pressure, integrity, self-esteem, bullying, etc. 

My goal is to inspire and empower children by developing their mindset to think for themselves, make good decisions and go for their dreams!

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Mindset Conditioning lessons are based on the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum 


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Mission of Adventures in Wisdom: 

Our mission is to inspire and empower kids to believe in themselves and their dreams and to provide them with the tools to make it happen.
Through our program kids learn how to be confident and prepared to handle the ups and downs of growing up, to think for themselves and make good decisions, and to go for it in life.

Why Mindset Conditioning?

  • In the same way that children need to learn how to walk, talk, read or write, they also need to learn about their cognitive development; how to foster powerful self-confidence, overcome mistakes, resist peer pressure, manage change, etc.
  • Learning these skills is vital because our core belief systems (how we think about ourselves, the world around us, and our future possibilities) are all formed during childhood.
  • These core beliefs form part of our unconscious mind which then influence our behavior, decisions and mindset as an adult - often without us even realizing it.
  • Building a strong positive mindset will help children succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. Children face many challenges today and need to be taught how to empower themselves and be confident in themselves.

Let me send you an 11 page sample lesson called "Self-talk; The secret behind self-esteem and self-confidence".

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